Eliot Bland

Eliot Bland is a spectacular human being. When he is not saving orphan children from fires, he is at the church ministering to the Jr. High and High school students. Fluent in 7 different languages, Eliot proves that he has so much more to offer than just dashing good looks and the body of a Greek god. Due to his humble nature Eliot would never boast about himself or his many many many accomplishments, so here are some quotes from people about Eliot.
"Eliot is da man! He is so gnarly!"-The Pope
"I'm proud to call him a friend." -President Barrack Obama
"He is everything I'm looking for in a man."- Scarlet Johansson

Eliot Bland has been a part of La Palma Christian Center nearly his whole life, and is now joining the team as the youth pastor. He has a passion to reach out and show the young people that God's love is real and is for them.








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